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Uttarayani Fair

About Uttarayani Fair

The Uttarayani Fair is a fair which showcases the culture of the land. The Uttarayani Fair in Uttarakhand is held in a number of places like Bageshwar, Rameshwar, Suit Mahadev, Chitrashila (Ranibagh) and Hanseshwar. The people of the state of Uttarakhand celebrate a number of fairs and festivals. The Uttarayani Fair is a perfect example of the highly sacred sentiments of the local residents. Of all the places, the Bageshwar temple fair attracts the largest number of people. During the fair, when it is said the sun moves from Southern Hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere, it is reckoned auspicious to take a dip in the water of the river. The large gathering of people in bright and colorful clothes results in a visual treat. All night long people sing and dance. The local artists will be able to keep you spell bound with their impressive performances. Thus, during the fair, people have a joyous mood to completely enjoy the festival and the day.

When it is celebrated

The Uttarayani Fair Is Celebrated On The Auspicious Occasion Of Makar Sankranti Which Held In The Month Of January.

Historical Importance

Historically the Bageshwar Fair has played an even more prominent role in trying to uproot the British evil of bonded labor or coolie begar. In the year 1921 under the leadership of Pandit Badri Dutt Pande, the official registers of the Coolies were hurled into the river, thus bringing an end to almost hundred years of a despicable tradition begun by the British rulers. Impressed by this event, Mahatma Gandhi himself visited the Bageshwar Fair in 1921.


People from far-flung areas of Uttrakhand gathered here on the bank of Surya and Gomti river to take a holy dip on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. It is believed that bathing on this day is auspicious and it will wash away one’s sins.

Other Details

Its commercial, cultural and political importance is still very high. Goods like iron, copper and copper pots, baskets, casks, bamboo articles, mats, mattresses, carpets, blankets, herbs and spices are sold during this fair.

This fair is also a mode to represent the local culture of Kumaon. The busy activities of the day culminate into long musical nights, where several groups of local singers entertain the crowds with endless renderings of Jhoras, Chancharis and Bairas, all local musical-forms. It is always a great mode to depict the culture, heritage, dances, songs and social issues by using its platform. However, many political leaders use it for their personal party benefits.

How to reach

By Air

Jolly grant airport is the nearest airport in Dehradun which is directly connected with selected cities of India via domestic flights. One can reach the fair by taxi or state bus on landing at the airport.

By Road

The town of Bageshwar is well connected by road. Bageshwar is also connected via road from Nainital. When you reach Nainital, you can reach the fair by the state bus or even a prepaid taxi.

By Train

Kathgodam is the nearest railway station. You can reach Bageshwar from Kathgodam in a state bus or prepaid taxi.

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