Image Recognition command

Image Recognition : Use this command to search for an image within a source image.

  1. Double-click or drag the command to the Task Actions List pane.
  2. Select the source image file from a folder or capture it from an application window.
  3. Select Show Coordinates to capture and view the coordinates of the target image within the window.
  4. Specify the wait time (in milliseconds) in the Wait field.
  5. Specify match percentage and tolerance.
  6. Select Quick test and if it find image tool will give success message else you have 2 option-
    a-Set Match percentage
    b-Set Tolerance



Comparison Mode and its Parameters

There are 4 options for the Comparison Mode.

  1. Advanced. In most scenarios, this should be picked. Handles the ‘Tolerance’ parameter automatically.
  2. Normal. More difficult to configure, but gives somewhat more freedom.
  3. Gray-Scale. Same as ‘Normal’, but more effective on black-and-white images.
  4. Monochrome. Based on singular (mono) color with differing tones/shades. Usually comparable to ‘Gray-Scale’, but lets us define a threshold instead of a tolerance.

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