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Chandrabhaga Mela

About Chandrabhaga Mela

Chandrabhaga Mela is the most popular festival which falls in the month of February at Odisha. This day is specifically set aside for the worship of the Sun God at Konark. This fair is held in the auspicious day of “kartik purnima”, when thousands of pilgrims take a dip in the water. The holy dip in the water is generally taken in the last day of the kartik. This holy dip is known as “Chandravati” by the common people. Chandrabhaga Fair is one such marvellous view that truly earns the attention of the tourists. This fair acquaints all travellers, pilgrims and explorers the same, with the rituals and traditions practiced in this area of the nation.

When it is celebrated

It usually falls in the month of February. It is located in southeastern Rajasthan it is one of the princely states. It is held at Jhalrapatan, situated at a distance of about six kilometers from Jhalawar, in the month of Kartik.


The festival also takes its name from the Chandrabhaga River which is considered sacred by the people of Odisha. Legend has it that Samba, the son of Lord Krishna walked in on his parents when they were sharing a moment of private bliss. This angered the Lord and he cursed him to suffer from Leprosy. Narada Muni took pity on the boy as the crime he committed was unintended and not as grave as the punishment he received. Narada asked the boy to go the ChandrabhagaRiver and seek a cure there. He meditated and prayed to the Sun God on the banks of the river and also bathed in the river for 12 long years. The place where he prayed became a sacred spot and it is believed to have curative properties. People go there in the hopes of curing themselves from the ailments that they suffer from. Ever since, this has become a ritual for the people. Thousands of people from all over the country come to Odisha and participate in the Mela.


The Chandrabhaga Mela stands as a symbol for the belief and faith of the people on the Almighty. They come there in the hope that their problems would vanish too after their holy bath and prayers. It is overwhelming to see people coming from different wakes of life but carrying the same beliefs in the folds of their hearts.


People gather near the river for an early bath and follow it by paying their respects and offerings to Sun God. They then move to Konark Temple to pray to the Sun God. The Konark temple is one of the most important temples in Odisha. The temple is dedicated to Sun God. The temple is an important pilgrimage site for a majority of the Hindus who gather here in large numbers for the Chandrabhaga Mela. The smell of the local food attracts the travelers and pull them towards the stalls. To quench the thirst, they could drink tendercoconut water. However, the people do not remain devoid of entertainment as there are troops performing Jatra, a form of folk theater popular in Bengal and also some parts of Odisha. Then, the Pandas gather on the beach and draw an outline of the Jagannath temple on the sand and place mounds of wet sand, each mound representing a family. The pandas perform the Puja by chanting mantras and the members of the family are supposed to repeat after them. Chandrabhaga fair attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over India and helps them mingle with the locals and their customs and rituals. This fair also organizes a huge cattle fair in which livestock such as cows, horses, buffaloes, camels and bullocks are purchased from various parts for re-sale.

Other Details

There are some modes of transportation accessible to reach Chandrabhaga Mela and experience the Mela. The place is also well connected with the other places. The nearest airport and rail head to Chandrabhaga Beach is situated at Puri, which is about 31 kilometres away. During Chandrabhaga mela tour people can also visit the nearby places of tourist like Jhalawar Fort, Government Museum, Kakuni, Gagron Fort and Rein Basera.

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